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Wholesale Orchard grass hay supply available with a wide range of orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) hay for sale in bulk. We offer you high grade quality orchard grass hay at wholesale best price in the market.

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When you are ready to buy orchard hay in bulk, it’s time that you should look for a reliable source that can offer you with the best quality. The best possible place to buy this particular type of hay is from With their vast experience and expertise, they are able to provide their customers with excellent services and products at affordable prices.

Orchard hay is a popular choice among farmers because it grows quickly and is nutritious. The high nutritional value of this type of hay makes it ideal for cattle, horses, rabbits and other animals. If you’re looking to buy orchard hay in bulk then you need to know where to go. This guide will help you learn more about the different types of orchard grasses available for purchase at DGH Haysuppliers online store.

Orchard hay is typically greener in color than other types of grass hays, with a sweet smell and taste that makes horses love it! Many people use this type of grass hay in their horse's diets because they know how nutritious it is for them. The leaves are high in protein and vitamins A & K while also containing iron which helps build strong blood cells within horses' bodies -- making them healthier animals overall!

Dactylis glomerata is used for hay and to feed livestock. It grows from sea level in the north of its range to as high as 4,000 meters in altitude in the south of its range in Pakistan.

When it comes to buying orchard hay, you need to be careful as this type of grass is very delicate and can easily get damaged during transport. Our team of experts has been providing high-quality products for over 15 years, which means that we know how to make sure your order arrives safe and sound at your door step.

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If you want to buy orchard hay in bulk and get it delivered right to your door, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide selection of high-quality bulk orchard hay that is available for online purchase.

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Orchard hay is a type of short, sweet grass. It’s grown in rows and harvested before it can grow tall enough to be difficult to bale.

Orchard hay is mostly used as supplemental feed for horses, cattle and other livestock. It’s an excellent source of nutrients and can help keep your animal healthy while they’re being fed on pasture or haylage (a mixture of grasses).

Orchard hay is also commonly used when animals need extra fiber in their diet because it has more fiber than other types of roughage such as timothy or meadow grasses.

In the United States, orchard hay costs around $60 per ton. This can vary depending on what region you live in, as it’s often more expensive in major countries.

If you’re looking for a more exact price for your area, check out our price lookup tool where we’ll show you how much orchard hay sells for at farms near you:

Orchard Hay Prices Per Bale

  • $20-$30 per 100 lbs bales (100 lbs = 50 kg)

  • $1-$1.50 per 25 lbs bales (25 lb = 11 kg)

Orchard Hay Prices Per Ton

  • $60-$75 per ton of loose hay bales (50 pounds = 22 kg)

Orchard Hay Prices Per Bag

  • 1 bag usually weighs 25 pounds so multiply this by 2 if buying in bulk of 5 bags! Orchard Hay prices vary depending on what region and whether the seller offers discounts when buying multiple bags at once, so call ahead before making a purchase to see if their offer is competitive with other sellers’.

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